Core ERP

Your enterprise is assisted by overall management software solution that helps to operate more efficiently, grow and be more sustainable.

Specialized ERP

Specialized software


CloudERP Software service

By leasing ERP solution, enterprises just exploit, operate and minimize infrastructure investment and system administration.

Manufacture & adjust software

We accept manufacturing, adjusting software product to meet the specific management needs of the Enterprise.

Licensed software, ICT

Sales agent of many reputable software & hardware companies such as: Microsoft, Autodesk, HP, Dell, IBM...

Domain & Hosting service

Agency of providing domain names domestically and internationally. Leasing Hosting to serve for website, email, software saving process.

By innovation, we make applications to be updated on technology, intelligent handing processes, beautiful interface. Deep understanding of business process, SINNOVA have been provided overall solutions dedicated enterprise (ERP) help connect the activities and effective than ever.

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