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Content management software



.Net + Mvc + JQuery + Bootstrap + MsSQL (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Vista DB, Firebird).



The ability to secure in many layers and levels: SSL, IP block, function decentralization, operation decentralization, user level, approval, publishing.



The application is designed to be modularized for the sake of easy maintenance: Add, remove, adjust or integrate new requirements.



The HTML5 + CSS3 application for Website runs smoothly on all browsers meeting screen modes from computers, tablets to smartphones.



Increase customer experience through online shopping channels.



Multi-point, multi-store, multi-language, multi-currency and POS integration.


Diverse features - Operate effectively

Upload multiple photos at once

Enhance the management of image groups posted on the site. Post photos simultaneously, support customizing image names, group names.

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Easy content writing

WYSIWYG editor with diverse, easy-to-use utilities: Format, align, insert pictures, characters, tables, add links, ...

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Customize the function displayed on the site

Manage and select functions displayed on the interface of the Website.

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Support SEO tool on posts

Set title tags, descriptions, keywords, customize the url for each article.

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Compatible with modern, standard devices, designs to help users easily access and use

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By innovation, we make applications to be updated on technology, intelligent handing processes, beautiful interface. Deep understanding of business process, SINNOVA have been provided overall solutions dedicated enterprise (ERP) help connect the activities and effective than ever.

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